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Mark Burnett

Creator of ABC’s Shark Tank

"Dale speaks with authority and will remind you of a simple truth: Your dreams are worth chasing. Inside Launch Your Dream, he lays out a blueprint that removes the guesswork for turning your calling into your career. In following Dale's plan, you will overcome your fears, be excited to chase your dreams and in the process, you'll transform not just your work, but your life."

Dave Ramsey

Best-Selling Author & Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host

"Starting a business is tough—no doubt about it. But getting stuck in a J-O-B that doesn’t feed your dreams and passions can be so much worse! Dale Partridge gives entrepreneurs the practical tools they need to escape that rut and successfully live out their calling in life."

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Book Overview

Start Your Own Business In Just 30 Days

Day Zero 13 min You Were Made For This
Day One 08 min Primed With Passion
Day Two 08 min Calm In The Storm
Day Three 10 min Personal Preparation
Day Four 7 min A Ship That Won't Sail
Day Five 10 min An Irresistible Idea
Day Six 10 min A Three-Part Foundation
Day Seven 11 min A Business Doesn't Happen By Accident
Day Eight 9 min Whyology
Day Nine 13 min Brand School
Day Ten 10 min Platform Thinking
Day Eleven 6 min Consistency Beats Frequency
Day Twelve 11 min Pointing You Somewhere
Day Thirteen 9 min Brains and Beauty
Day Fourteen 8 min Making It Legal
Day Fifteen 7 min A Small Leak Sinks Big Ships
Day Sixteen 8 min Money In Your Sleep
Day Seventeen 10 min Once In A Lifetime
Day Eighteen 15 min Building Smart Into Your Start
Day Nineteen 8 min A Talkable Experience
Day Twenty 9 min You're Not The Hero
Day Twentyone 10 min Wordsmith Wonders
Day Twentytwo 10 min Every Post Had A Purpose
Day Twentythree 9 min The Funnel
Day Twentyfour 8 min Smartcuts, Not Shortcuts
Day Twentyfive 6 min Unlearning Customer Service
Day Twentysix 10 min Too Cheap Not To Keep
Day Twentyseven 8 min More Profitable
Day Twentyeight 9 min Culture Eats Strategy
Day Twentynine 8 min A Learnable Skill
Day Thirty 9 min Mature Thinking
Closing 7 min Having It All

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Dale Partridge · Author

Dale Partridge is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder of, and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller People Over Profit. Partridge teaches leaders and organizations how to position their brand, love their people, and develop profitable corporate social responsibility programs.

A renowned expert on branding, consumer psychology, and emotional leadership, he is a sought-after speaker and has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox News, NBC, INC., Mashable, Forbes, and the Los Angeles Times. Dale lives with his wife and children on their family farm in Bend, Oregon.

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